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The Groomed Man | How to change a DE razor blade

Not sure if buying a safety razor is right for you as are worried about changing the blade. Watch this short video to show you how easy it is to change the blade.

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The Groomed Man | How to stop your beard itching

So you have spent time and effort growing your beard. The problem is that the itching is driving you mad. Before you reach for the razor and shave it all off check out our tips below. Tried and tested methods to reduce that itch.

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Wet shaving VS electric shaving.

When it comes to shaving there are 2 methods to choose. Either using an electric razor (dry) or a manual razor (wet)

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The Brighton Beard Company

An introduction to the Bright Beard Company

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What is beard oil and why should you use it?

A premier beard oil is a combination of carrier oils end essential oils,
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Shaving soap VS Shaving cream

Reasons why you should use a good quality shaving soap or shaving cream

It reduces nick and cuts. Using a soap or cream makes your skin nice and soft which means that it is more elastic. This means you use less pressure with your razor to get a close shave. Less pressure means less chance of cuts.

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13 Interesting facts about beards

1. The world’s longest beard belonged to Norwegian Hans Langseth.  In 1927 it stretched to 5.55m or 17ft 6in

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Tips on moustache care this Movember

To keep your moustache looking at its best and prevent it from becoming scratchy you need to keep it well trimmed, hydrated and smooth.

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Wet shaving kit - A beginners guide

Below is a guide to the equipment you will need if you are new to traditional shaving

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Bad hair day - is your comb making it worse?

Below is a list of common issues people may experience with their hair.  There are many different reasons for these issues but your choice of comb could be making matters worse.

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